Our Coffee

Brazil isn’t very close, but our friends at Peixoto found a way to keep it local

You’ll see the Peixoto family name all around our shop – on our doors, at our pick-up station, and on our bags of coffee. We proudly serve Peixoto coffee because they proudly grow, harvest, and roast it themselves.

The Peixoto family farm has over 100 years of coffee growing history, and we’ve partnered with them to bring that rich history to you in every cup of coffee we serve.

Peixoto’s coffee is as high quality as it gets (they consistently win awards for their beans), which is important of course – however, we’ve built such a great relationship with Peixoto because they continually demonstrate a “community matters” mindset in how they take care of everyone from farmer to customer. Everyone involved is a part of their – and our – família.