We’ve been called the “Home of the Honey Lavender Latte.”

Which is true – our Honey Lavender Latte is far and away our most popular drink, hot or iced! Whether you’re looking for something more on the traditional side or something a little more unique, we’re serving up plenty of great options for you to choose from. You’ll find our menu filled with staples you’ll recognize like espressos, cortados, and cappuccinos, alongside our rotating seasonal options. Additionally, we feature a handful of different coffees at our pourover bar too. And to top it off, you’ll also find a full line-up of local treats and pastries to go with your drink of choice as well. 


Below is our standard drink menu – come into the shop to see our seasonal offerings!

Espresso Bar


2oz. – $3.25

Traditional Macchiato

espresso with a dash of frothy milk
3oz. –


espresso with equal parts steamed milk
4oz. –


6oz. – $4.00



Café Affogato



8oz. – $4.25
12oz – $4.75

Matcha Latte

8oz. – $5.00
12oz – $5.50

Turmeric Latte

unique turmeric spice blend with milk
8oz. –
12oz – $5.50

Chai Latte

8oz. – $4.50
12oz – $5.00

Speed bar

Cold Brew

8oz. – $3.50
12oz – $4.00


cold brew infused with nitrogen for a smooth flavor
8oz. –
12oz – $5.00

Ice Tea


Drip Coffee

w/ free refill – $3.25

Slow bar

V60 Pour Over

12oz. – $4.00


24oz. – $8.00

Hot Tea


Alternative Milks

Skim, Oat, Almond, Soy, Coconut

Extra Flavors

Vanilla, Honey, Caramel, Mocha, White Mocha, Honey Lavender, Orange Clove