Our Story

It all starts and ends with the same two words: Community Matters

We’re very proud of the beautiful shop that we’ve built in Peoria, Arizona. We’re very proud of the great specialty coffee that we serve from Peixoto. We’re even proud of the matte black Not Neutral mugs that we serve our drinks in. But anyone could build something nice, serve something delicious, or buy some neat drinkware. 

What makes Well Coffee unique?

It’s simple, albeit a bit backwards: it’s never actually been about the coffee for us.

We’re proud of a lot of things, but we’re most proud of the community that we get to experience each and every day in and around our shop. And we certainly didn’t build this community – it was here in the surrounding neighborhoods and schools long before we broke ground. Rather, we saw an opportunity to serve and host this thriving community, and concluded that a great coffee shop would be a great way to do this. Our doors opened in August 2019, and we haven’t looked back since.

Community matters to us, and that’s exactly what pushes us to serve the best coffee with the best service. We aim to make the world of coffee simple, welcoming, and approachable for anyone who walks in through our doors (or through our wall – you’ll have to come check it out!). More than that, the world of coffee is about building relationships and we hope to foster that spirit in everything we do.